About Us

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CENTERPARTS is a distributor of auto parts with more than 20-years of market tradition serving the car finishing segment, car body and general accessories for national and imported autos. With more than 12,000 square meters (129,200 sq ft), located in Vila Anastácio, West Zone of São Paulo, from where products are distributed throughout the country and internationally.

Our market experience allows us to provide a service that values quality, speed and safety in our deliveries, with a rate of satisfaction close to 100%.

As CENTERPARTS values customer satisfaction and good relationship, our mission can be described in short as:

  • Provide the most complete and up-to-date product line;
  • Search for customer satisfaction;
  • Gain recognition as a major distributor;
  • Provide services with great efficiency.

And the values that the company maintains in its management are:

  • Transparency;
  • Ethics;
  • Honesty;
  • Respect and Courtesy;
  • Continuous improvement.

Social Work

It is every company's role to fulfill its part related to social development, and CENTERPARTS contributes actively to conscious projects such as:

  • "PROJETO APRENDIZ LEGAL" , which means "The Fine Apprentice Project" , in partnership with CIEE and the Roberto Marinho Foundation. This is a project responsible for preparing and starting young people in the labor market.
  • VILA VICENTINO is a facility in Minas Gerais that houses, values and cares for more than 70 persons over 65 years of age.
  • AACD (Associação de Assistência a Criança Deficiente), which means "Handicapped Child Assistance Association", an association aiming the reintegration into society of children, adolescents and adults with disabilities. ( No texto em português está faltando a palavra assistência na sigla AACD)

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